SIRAP is an agile content-led creative production studio working closely with a global portfolio of clients to develop fully integrated content-first campaigns.

SIRAP was founded in 2015 by Paris Thomson. With a background in the creative and media industries, Paris and her team injects experience from the journalism, television production and filmmaking worlds into the SIRAP aether. Our philosophy is to distill our ideas into moving images that have a substantial, meaningful impact on the world and its audience.

Our Mission

We strive to create visual experiences that change how people think, feel, act and talk about brands through the power of film and visual content. Our full-service approach to content creation extends from creative direction, scripting, pre-production, film direction, cinematography, sound and post-production. We drive our productions from ideation through to final delivery with our full-time team of Producers, Directors, Cinematographers and Editors - but we're agile enough to know how to harness the power of a one-man band where required. We strive to create content that triggers new perspectives and emotional embrace; locally and the world over.  
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