SIRAP is a Motion Production Lab creating moving image content for digital platform integration.

We look beyond the traditional rules of how and what moving image should be; in favour of speculating upon what moving image could be.

SIRAP was established in 2013 by Paris Thomson. With a background in the creative and media industries, Paris injects her experience from the journalism, television production and filmmaking worlds into the SIRAP ether.

At SIRAP, our philosophy is to distill fragments of our reality into beautifully crafted motion productions, to manifest positivity within our clients’ worlds, and throughout the minds of our global audience.

Our Mission

SIRAP is about creating visual experiences to change how people think, feel, act and talk about brands.

Our full-service approach to content creation extends from creative direction pre-production, to motion direction, sound and post-production.

We’re agile & lean and play well with others. Connected to a rich network of media artists, we crew specialist talent onto our productions for unsurpassed creative harmony.

We speak ‘digital’ fluently and are willing to translate for you. Simply, we strive to create content that triggers new perspectives and emotional embrace; locally and the world over.

We’re always on the hunt for opportunities to creatively craft the essence of our clients’ messages into the medium of the moving image.

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